Samsung to Show Chrome OS Laptop Next Week

Samsung and other PC makers are expected to announce Chrome OS products at next week’s Google I/O developer conference. Chrome OS devices only fully function when they are connected to the Net. There are no applications or data on a Chrome OS device; all is stored “in the cloud.”

The only Chrome OS hardware that exists now is the CR-48 laptop that Google built to test Chrome OS.

There is much doubt that the Chrome OS will be anywhere nearly as successful as Android, but then Android didn’t start with a bang either. Android and the Chrome OS have opposing philosophies. With Chrome OS, Google is betting that there will be lots of demand for Internet-based computing. If there is, it looks like it will be the corporates, not the consumers.

The latest Chrome OS version is expected on the devices at I/O. It reportedly includes a file manager and better access to the corporates’ VPN networks.

Intel was showing two Chrome OS laptops in its booth at CES. One was the Google CR-48 and the other was not labeled.

Google has said devices with the Chrome OS will be available this summer. As we have said before, they had better be aggressively priced to make an impact.

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