Filling Your Nook with 1m Downloads

More than one million apps have been downloaded from Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color application marketplace in the first week of availability.

Much to no one’s surprise, the top-paid app was Angry Birds. Finishing off the top five were Drawing Pad, Solitaire, Aces Jewel Hunt and Astraware Mahjong. Fliq’s Calendar and Notes were the most popular free apps available.

At the end of last month, Barnes & Noble (B&N) delivered an update to their Nook Colors that added Android 2.2 and Flash support, as well as access to roughly 150 apps, a handful of which are free. On the Nook, apps tend to cost $5.99.

The move shifts B&N away from a reader-only approach and has moved it squarely into the tablet space. Surprisingly, the B&N offering could be the best Android tablet available for the price and functions.

Not only is the Nook Color one of the most stable Android tablets available, but it has a large and loyal fan base. As B&N shifted the Nook to more of a tablet and less of an eReader, they did so from an almost unique perspective in the tablet space, making a device centered on a specific function and content set.

The Nook Color is one of the few devices that was built around a specific use and content type and that appears to be part of the magic of B&N’s success. The question now is how will other tablets respond to the Nook and will newcomers, like Amazon perhaps, take a similar approach to form and functionality.

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