5m US Households Have Cut the Cord

More than 17 million US households representing 45.6 million consumers, receive television exclusively through broadcast signals (OTA), according to new research by y Knowledge Networks

The 45.6 million, it said, is up from 42 million a year ago.

The report said that 4% of TV households, about 5 million, cancelled their pay-TV service in their current home at some point in the past and now rely only on OTA reception. That’s an alarming number for the pay-TV companies calculating how much revenue per year they’re losing. Even at a low $10 a month, it’s a sizeable number.

The numbers do not at all agree with those the pro-wireless s Consumer Electronics Association put out last week.

Knowledge Networks said the demographics of exclusive OTA-users skew towards younger adults, minorities and lower-income families.

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