‘Too Much at Stake Not to Work Out Differences with Content Owners’

There’s too much at stake not to overcome the natural tension between the cable-TV companies and content owners over prices and rights for delivering content over the Internet to devices like tablets and smart TVs, according to participants in The Cable Show’s initial general session. Liz Claman, Fox Business News reporter, moderated the panel of Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewekes, Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt, DirecTV CEO Chase Carey, Cox CEO Pat Esser, Viacom CEO Phillip Dauman and Comcast president Neil Smit.

Claman pointed out that’s there’s more content for people to watch than ever, but much of it is not from the cablecos: it’s mainly delivered over the Net through companies like Netflix. “How did you let that happen?” Claman asked. “How are you going to get them back?” Napster used the Internet (and free but pirated music), and that destroyed the music industry, she pointed out.

In a different session, the financial analyst said the cablecos must me missing something in their offerings as evidenced by the meteoric rise in Netflix subscriptions.

The panelists’ responses were, in general, to smother consumers with their offerings of Internet-delivered content.

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