Celeno Forges Ahead with Flicker-Free Wi-Fi Video for Pay-TV Services

Is wireline networking like HomePlug, HPNA, MoCA and HomeGrid dead because of new and more robust Wi-Fi chips from the likes of Celeno Communications and Quantenna?

Not yet, according to Lior Weiss, VP of marketing at Israel-based Celeno, but he’s definitely pushing Celeno’s Wi-Fi chips as the better home network solution for the future. He said the Celeno Wi-Fi chips provide pay-TV services with all the flicker-free QoS and security they demand.

Celeno says it can wirelessly deliver eight concurrent HD video streams in the home. Yep, eight HD streams!

These companies have already committed to deploying STBs with Celeno’s 3×3 MIMO Wi-Fi chips:
– China Telecom in a fiber network with optical network based gateways from box maker FiberHome.
– Liberty Global as part of its Horizon hybrid cable/OTT project with Samsung boxes and deployment scheduled for Q4 2011. The Liberty Global system from Samsung has an Intel CE4100 processor, NDS middleware and Conditional Access and the Celeno CL1820 chip.
– France-based Bouygues Telecom, also with Samsung boxes, which Bouygues markets as the BBox.
– Israel’s leading satellite TV provider Yes.
– Swedish STB maker Inteno, a leading supplier of CPE equipment to service providers in the Nordic market.
– Technicolor is to make STBs with Celeno chips and Intel processors. It said its MediaEncore product combines the functionality of a set-top box and a gateway with on-site storage and showed it at The Cable Show. It said the box supports HD pay-TV content streaming, OTT video distribution, VoIP, multi-player gaming, Internet surfing, access to content on other devices in the home and other functions. It uses both the uncongested 5 GHz frequency and the 2.4 GHz frequency concurrently.

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