MTV Survey: Apps Are Life-Changing & Addictive

Apps are changing the way we live and we are becoming addicted to them, according to MTV Networks, which commissioned the research outfit Latitude to do a study called “”Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Adoption, Abandonment, and the App-Addled Consumer.” The report said 83% of the people it surveyed said they were addicted to apps.

The app is changing the way people think, relate, work, and relax, the report said.

“We learned that apps not only provide small doses of fun, but also offer real emotional and functional value to people’s everyday lives,” said Latitude senior VP Neela Sakaria. “People welcome the opportunity for apps to open their eyes to new experiences, skills, and even relationships. This presents a unique opportunity for content providers like MTV Networks and their advertising partners to extend the entertainment experience into deeper realms of relevance and engagement.”

The report said apps create “me moments” that advertisers can use for their own purposes. Apps can fill what would otherwise be idle moments as indicated by 87% saying, “Apps let me have fun no matter where I am or what I’m doing.”

The report said apps also increase productivity and the achievement of personal goals, as shown by 77% saying apps are their personal assistants.

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