Cisco: Broadband Boom in Australia

Cisco likes to make rosy predictions about the growth of the Internet, many of which have proven to be correct. Its latest one says the number of Internet-connected devices in Australia will be over 84 million in 2015, three per person.

Let’s see: at least one smart TV, a Blu-ray player, two to three smartphones, a tablet or two plus by then perhaps a Web camera, the refrigerator, microwave and washer. Yep, that’s about an average of three per household even including homes with no broadband (perish the thought) and excluding connected devices in offices.

Cisco also predicts that by 2015 in Australia:

– There will be 20 million Internet users, up from the current 14 million.

– The average Internet user will generate 19.5GB of traffic per month, up 562% from 3GB per month in 2010.

– Internet traffic will be the equivalent of 2 billion DVDs per year, or 175,885 DVDs per hour.

– There will be 3.6 networked devices per capita, up from 2.1 in 2010.

– 15 billion minutes (27,716 years) of video content will cross the Internet every month and make up 81% of all consumer traffic, up from 50% last year.

– IPTV will make up 14% of consumer Internet video traffic, up from 7% last year.

Cisco and other broadband equipment makers and broadband service providers are going to love it. Let’s hope consumers can afford it.

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