AirTies Picks Quantenna’s 4X4 Wi-Fi Chips for Streaming HD Videos

The big news this week was the Google-Motorola Mobility deal. However, the most important news in the set-top box business is that Turkey-based STB maker AirTies, which has been using Broadcom’s Wi-Fi chipsets with 2X2 MIMO, will make two STBs with Quantenna’s Wi-Fi chipsets with 4×4 MIMO.

Motorola Mobility (soon to be Google’s STB maker) and Netgear have previously announced they will use Quantenna chipsets in some of their networked boxes. Swisscom, a major purchaser of STBs, is an investor in Quantenna.

Quantenna touts its chipset as the “ultra-reliable Wi-Fi networking for whole-home HD video streaming with unmatched range and performance.” It said its “state-of-the-art” wireless video performance combined with AirTies’ MAC-level distribution software enables solutions that are capable of “flawlessly delivering multiple simultaneous HD video streams in the home through as many as three concrete floors.”

Yep, three concrete floors! That should work even in Europe with its stone and concrete walls as well as the States with its mostly sheetrock homes.

“The biggest challenges in wireless video streaming have always been how to mitigate interference and penetrate concrete walls,” said Metin Taskin, AirTies CTO. He said AirTies and Quantenna have successfully combined to overcome these problems.

Taskin said, “Our tests show a performance level that outstrips anything available in today’s market in terms of quality, range and reliability.” He said he’s “hugely” optimistic about the potential impact of the combined technologies on the wireless home networking marketplace.” He might have added its impact on wireline home networking like MoCA, HomePlug, wireline Ethernet, HPNA and HomeGrid.

The first AirTies products with the Quantenna chips are new versions of AirTies’ wireless video access points: the Air 4610/1 and Air 4640/1.

AirTies will show them in its IBC 2011 booth at RAI September 9 through 13.

Quantenna rival Celeno says it does a better job handling multiple streams of HD video with its 3×3 Wi-Fi chipsets and delivering wireless streams to single MIMO devices like tablets and smartphones.

Quantenna is ecstatic about the deal because it’s another “proof-of-concept.” Lionel Bonnot, VP of sales and business development at Quantenna, said, “AirTies has built a strong reputation for optimizing 802.11n technology using dual-mode concurrent architectures and other proprietary enhancements.” He said Quantenna is excited about how well the AirTies boxes perform using Quantenna’s 4×4 MIMO chipsets with advanced beam forming and channel-optimization capabilities.

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