Movie Studio Shows New Tactic to Stop Piracy

A film studio is trying a new trick to keep its content from being leaked on the Web, using a court order to keep thousands of ISPs and Web sites from making an upcoming film available on their services.

Reliance Entertainment said it is pursuing the tactic with its film “Bodyguard” and expects to see up to a 60% reduction in piracy because of the efforts. A recent effort similar to this but on a much smaller scope is said to have reduced piracy by as much as 40%.

The move does raise some concerns, however. In July, millions of Indians were barred from accessing file-sharing sites and digital locker services because Reliance had obtained a similar court order barring services from hosting the film “Singham.” In an effort to not give access to the content, especially not pirated versions, some ISPs blocked file sharing sites on a large scale.

“Singham” went on to break several box office records, which the company attributes to its anti-piracy efforts.

According to TorrentFreak, file-hosting services outside of India don’t plan to remove the content unless they’re served with takedown notices or if the studio puts pressure on local ISPs.

Reliance is also taking other anti-piracy measures, saying that it will release “Bodyguard” on DVD this month, just six weeks after it premiered in theaters.

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