Blockbuster Adds 500,000 Subs in 30 Days

Thanks largely to a 90-day free trial for new Dish subscribers, Blockbuster has added 500,000 new subscribers in the past 30 days. Blockbuster didn’t say how many of the new users are free and how many are paying for the service yet. Users that get the free trial still have to opt-in, so at least they are choosing the service — perhaps some of those Netflix subscribers are heading this way. According to reports, STB issues make the new Blockbuster service available to only about 50% of Dish’s existing subscriber base. Blockbuster also said it signed up 300,000 minors total to its “Camp Wanna Watch a Movie” program that offers discounts on age-appropriate titles and related merchandise. Blockbuster is also set to launch a video-streaming-from-Facebook option soon.

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