HBO Adds Its 1,400 Titles to Roku Boxes

HBO is another example of a content company, in this case Time Warner, using the Internet to deliver its content directly to consumers.

HBO GO is becoming like Netflix in that it’s everywhere, as long as the would-be viewer has a paid subscription to HBO with his pay TV service. Next up for HBO is Roku boxes where its HBO Go app will be available. HBO subscribers will be able to access 1,400 HBO titles, none of which are their current season.

Last week Microsoft said it was adding HBO Go to its $60-a-year Xbox Live service. It’s also available on a variety of mobile devices.

HBO GO gives Roku about 300 channels of content. No wonder the Best Buy sales reps recommended it “unless you use iTunes or other Apple products.”

Time Warner no longer has a vested interest in pay TV, having sold off Time Warner Cable. You have to wonder how long it’s going to take Time Warner to realize it could make a lot of money selling Internet subscriptions to prior seasons to people that don’t now and will never subscribe through a pay TV company. That’ll be the day the scales tip from being in favor of the pay TV companies to favoring the Internet.

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