Apps, Price Key Determinants in Tablet Purchases

-Matching Smartphone and Tablet OS Not So Important

Tablet users are most interested in app selection and price of the device when making a purchase decision, according to Comscore’s TabLens report. Both factors earned a 7.7 on the ten-point scale, while brand name and operating system earned 7.5 on the scale.

Among brands, iPad owners were most interested in the selection of apps, scoring it at 8.1 in purchase decision. That was closely followed by brand name, which scored an 8.0. Kindle Fire owners, not surprisingly, ranked price as the most important factor in their purchase decisions, with a score of 8.1, followed by selection of apps, with a score of 7.5

Though the Kindle Fire is technically an Android tablet, Comscore analyzed it separately from other Android tablets.

Staying within an OS ecosystem between smartphone and tablet was not ranked very high in purchase decisions among all tablet users. Among iPad users, matching OS ranked 6.6, 6.3 among Android tablets and 6.1 among Kindle Fire tablet owners – less than recommendations by friends or family members in all three segments.

“This finding highlights the potential for brands, such as Microsoft with its recently announced Surface tablet, to see consumer adoption in the tablet market even though they might lack strong penetration in the smartphone market,” the report said.

Satisfaction High Among All Tablet Users The overall rating for consumer satisfaction with tablets was 8.6 out of 10. iPad users were the most satisfied, giving the tablet a satisfaction rating of 8.8. Kindle Fire owners rated their tablets at 8.7, and Android tablets were rated 8.2. “Android tablet users had a slightly lower satisfaction rating of 8.2, but which was still very strong in absolute terms,” the report said.

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