Broadcom Shows Cablecos New Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

– But Avoids Showing Service Provider-Specific 11ac
When consumers start buying tablets and smartphones with the
11ac version of Wi-Fi next year, they will force the world’s
pay TV companies and broadband service providers to embed 11ac
in their gateways and remote DVRs. Consumers will want to
watch live and TV Everywhere shows on their portable units,
plus use them to access second screen programs that are linked
to the shows being watched on the telly.

Broadcom showed new remote diagnostics at the biennial Cable
Labs show this week along with its already announced 11ac
products. We expected a bigger 11ac push because:

– Everyone knows AT&T is using Broadcom’s 2×2 11n chips in a
Cisco-made whole home DVR, albeit limited to one remote TV.

– Broadcom and the other 11ac chip makers are well aware that
Quantenna and Celeno have been getting orders for some major
pay TV companies’ STBs for several years with their video-
grade 11n Wi-Fi chips.

The 11ac chipmakers have told us they don’t expect 11ac to
replace the wireline home network technologies, such as MoCA
and HomePlug, but they wouldn’t say that because they make
chips for those, too. They have told us that they expect to
see 11ac in future gateways and whole home DVRs, but aren’t
providing any specifics.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
Remote diagnostics is very important because it will save
service providers millions of dollars in reduced truck rolls
and get subscribers back up and running quickly, but 11ac is
the big story.

Broadcom is the cablecos favorite chipmaker when it comes to
DOCSIS broadband. This week it announced what it called “a
full suite” of remote monitoring and diagnostics that are
based on its Full-Band Capture digital tuning technology.
Broadcom’s remote diagnostics captures the entire 1GHz cable
spectrum, which provides access to real-time data and
visibility into a user’s home coax network. Problems are
diagnosed and fixed quickly and the service provider
eliminates a possible truck roll. Service providers can also
find and fix problems without the subscriber ever being
disturbed or even noticing.

Dan Marotta, EVP and general manager of Broadcom’s broadband
communications group says the technology gives service
providers the ability to deliver more channels and reduce
operational costs.

Now, Broadcom, please tell us what 11ac product you’re cooking
up specifically for the pay TV industry!

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