Consumers Wish Tablets, Smartphones Were Faster

-Consumers Say Web Pages Load “Too Slowly” On Mobile Devices

Consumers are hungry for more broadband, according to a study released by Keynote Systems. Two-thirds of respondents to a survey said Web pages load too slowly on smartphones and tablets. Consumer expectations are rising for connected devices to respond very quickly to requests when accessing the Web. Sixty percent of tablet users said they expect to wait less than three seconds to access a Web page. Sixty-four percent of smartphone users said they expect a Web page to load in four seconds. “In short, user expectations – no matter the device – are for very fast performance,” the report said. “When expectations are compared to reality, as viewed on Keynote performance indices, it’s easy to see why slow load times are concerning.”

Different Devices for Different Browsing The survey found that 29% of consumers spend between one to two hours per day browsing the Internet on their smartphones, while 37% of tablet users logged one to two hours per day on the Internet.

Usage between the two devices diverged in terms of content. Among tablet users, the top activities included finding news and entertainment, with 79% of respondents saying they do this. Seventy-six percent of respondents said they watch videos on their tablet, and 75% said they engage in social media on their tablets.

Among smartphone users, 88% of respondents said they use their smartphone to access local information, such as maps or events, 76% said they engage in social media with their smartphones, and 74% said they find news and entertainment on the devices.

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