Lenovo Announces Intel-based Windows 8 Tablet

– Yep! Intel, not ARM

– No Specific Ship Date but Sounds Like October

– No Prices Either but Let’s Hope They’re Not Ultrabook-like If Windows 8 operates as Microsoft has said it will, then Windows 8 tablets are going to do very, very well at the corporates because they already own so many Windows PCs. Windows 8 tablets from such as Lenovo are being announced in anticipation of the start date for Windows 8 in October.

Lenovo’s Intel Atom-based Windows 8 ThinkPad Tablet 2 will provide a full Windows 8 experience, the same as on a PC, Lenovo said, when the Tablet 2, with its 10-inch display, becomes available in October. An optional keyboard and dock will make it a full-blown PC. It’ll run the full version or Windows 8 Pro, the Intel version. The corporates are going to love that — no more engineering projects to add iPad to the companies’ computer networks and no more software compatibility issues.

Android Tablet 2 will be ultra thin and very light, Lenovo said. It has stereo sound, a dual-array microphone, Wi-Fi of course, 3G HSPA+, LTE from AT&T only and Lenovo’s pay-as-you- go Mobile Access. There’s a 2MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera.

Prices and exact ship dates were not given.

If they work, unlike Windows Vista, and if they are reasonably priced, unlike Ultrabooks, they will sell well to organizations, most of whom do not want any computing devices other than Windows — and perhaps Linux servers in the IT department.

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