US Consuming Olympics Across Platforms

Over three-quarters of US consumers are following the Olympics, and 29% of them are doing so online, according to the Pew Research Center. Online viewing has proven to be supplemental to regular TV viewing, as 79% of viewers are estimated to be following the Olympics online as well as on TV. The report found that around a quarter (23%) of viewers have watched events live, while the majority (68%) have watched events during the “prime-time” slot. Of course, that’s also the time slot NBC has been airing its delayed coverage of big events.


Despite Audible Whining, NBC’s Coverage Receives Good Marks

Most viewers in the report gave high marks to NBC for its coverage of the games, despite the few gaffes, such as not airing a symbolic handshake between North and South Korean athletes, or delaying the airing of Usain Bolt’s 100m final. Twenty-nine percent of viewers rated NBC’s coverage as “excellent,” and 47% rated it as “good.” Among online video viewers, 70% rated the coverage as excellent or good.

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