Zeebox Launches with Big Content Partners-Comcast Cable, HBO, NBCUniversal, Cinemax

he eagerly awaited, UK-based second screen app Zeebox has
finally launched in the US, backed by big content partners
Comcast, HBO, Cinemax and NBCUniversal. The free app, which is
available on a Web browser or as an app for Android devices
and on iOS devices. The app, which has become very popular in
the UK where it has partnered with BskyB, allows users to
browse listings, receive personalized recommendations, learn
more about a title and connect with other viewers through
social networks Facebook and Twitter, as well as through
private chats. The app also includes “click-to-buy” features
that synchronize with commercials. NBCUniversal and Comcast
have both invested in the US version of the app, and said they
will promote the app. They will also “enhance” their
respective content offerings through Zeebox, as will HBO and

Zeebox said it is looking to gain more partners in the future.

“We want this to become the ultimate seconds screen – it’s not
an NBCU app, it’s not a Comcast app, it’s a Zeebox app that’s
accessible to anyone in any place, no matter who the
programmer or who the distributor is,” Page Thompson, EVP of
strategic integration for NBCUniversal, told LostRemote.com.

Comcast subscribers will also have access to a remote
function, allowing users to choose what they want to watch on
the app and then change the TV channel.

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