Tiny Fujitsu Chip Streams Video from TV to Mobile Devices

Tiny Fujitsu Chip Streams Video from TV to Mobile Devices

Fujitsu Semiconductor America has come out with a tiny
bridging SoC (system-on-a-chip) that can send video from a TV
set to any other kind of device, according to Faultline. It
calls the device an Interface Bridge SoC that incorporates 10
different interfaces, more than any other similar single
device. The idea is to use the MB86E631 as an advanced TV Wi-
Fi tuner using a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor working
with USB ports, Serial ATA, PCI Express, Ethernet MAC,
transport stream (TS) and two memory interfaces — all on one
SoC. It should convert video, for instance, from a DVR or TV
and output to any of the 10 interfaces with transcoded streams
of H.264 to storage devices, smart phones, tablets and laptop
PCs. Sample quantities of the new product will begin shipping
in late December 2012 and is expected eventually to sell
100,000 a month.

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