AOL Puts Video Library on YouTube

AOL has announced it will launch 22 channels on Google’s
YouTube. Viewers will now be able to access 20,000 AOL-branded
videos, including content from Huffington Post, TechCrunch and
Moviefone. AOL launched its video platform, which includes
vertical videos on fashion and health as well as original
series “Little Woman, Big Cars,” “Beyond the Battlefield” and
“Fetching,” on AOL On Network in April.

AOL’s ad sales team will handle the ad sales for the YouTube
platform, opening up a line of revenue for the company.

“The AOL brand includes an incredible array of premium video
content from some of the most highly-trafficked sites on the
web, and this deal provides us with a way to expose that
content to a vast new audience,” said Ran Harnevo of AOL’s
video division.

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