iPad Mini’s Debut Raises Questions

Continuing rumors about an iPad Mini arriving this month poses
these questions:
– What impact will the iPad Mini have on sales and rentals of
books, movies, TV shows and music?
– How will other makers of 7-inch tablets be impacted,
specifically Samsung, Amazon and Google?
– How badly will an iPad Mini rain on Microsoft’s Windows 8
tablets in the consumer market? In the corporate market?
– Will an ARM-based iPad Mini doom Intel’s efforts in tablets?
Apple uses Intel processors in its PCs so it’s very familiar
with Intel technology.

A less expensive version of the iPad, even one with a smaller
screen, has major implications.

The latest rumors are:
– Apple has ordered more than 10 million units of iPad Mini
for delivery in the fourth quarter, according to Asian
component makers that supply parts.
– The iPad Mini has a screen that’s about 7.85-inches.
– Apple will this week announce the launch date for the iPad

Here’s another iPad Mini rumor, according to The Guardian. It
will be Wi-Fi only, which would fly in the face of a
prediction by one cellco executive that 4G would eventually
replace Wi-Fi.

Can’t you hear the drums beating?

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