Online Video Viewing Up in August

Over 164 million Americans watched online video during the
month of August, according to research by Nielsen. Online
video viewers in the States spent an average of seven hours
per month watching video online, according to the research.
Online video viewers averaged around 166 videos streamed per
month, totaling 27 billion videos streamed. According to
Nielsen, YouTube accounted for 17 billion of the video
streams, with four-fifths of online video viewers streaming
videos from their site during the month of August.

Netflix subscribers spent around 10 hours on the OTT service
per month, while YouTube and Hulu users averaged only four
hours per month.
Video Brand Unique Views (per mo.)
YouTube 138,248,000
VEVO 44,123,000
Yahoo! 42,280,000
AOL 25,213,000
Facebook 24,825,000
MSN/Windows Live/Bing 20,974,000
CollegeHumor Network 20,335,000
Perform Group 12,916,000
ESPN Digital Network 12,538,000
Hulu 12,173,000

Video Brand Total Streams
YouTube 17,637,687,000
VEVO 693,235,000
Hulu 650,685,000
AOL 503,496,000
ESPN Digital Network 473,030,000
Netflix 368,468,000
Yahoo! 343,499,000
Dailymotion 295,480,000
MSN/Windows Live/Bing 228,231,000
Ustream.TV 196,758,000

Online Video Services Rankings
Nielsen’s ranking of online video services revealed that
Yahoo! ranks third in terms of unique views at 42 million per
month. Though that’s still around 100 million unique views
short of YouTube’s 138 million, Yahoo is about 18 million
views ahead of rival AOL.

In terms of total video streams, Hulu came in third, with over
650 million streams, over 300 million more than Netflix, which
ranked sixth on the list behind ESPN and AOL. Yahoo! ranked
seventh, and Microsoft’s MSN/Windows Live/Bing came in ninth,
with 228 million streams. YouTube was, once again, ranked
first by a wide margin, pulling in over 17 billion video
streams in the month.

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