Amazon Rumored to Buy TI’s Mobile Processor Operation

Amazon Rumored to Buy TI’s Mobile Processor Operation

This might seem crazy, but there are reports that online
retailer Amazon may buy Texas Instrument’s (TI) OMAP division
that designs and makes ARM-based processors for low-power
devices like tablets and smartphones. Not even Apple or Google
make processors, although Apple designs the ones that Samsung
makes for it. There are also reports that Apple will switch
processor makers so it’s not so dependent on frenemy Samsung.
TI has previously said it would defocus on the OMAP mobile app
processor, which led to speculation it would sell it. Amazon
already has a software group that developed its Silk browser.
However, running a processor design and manufacturing
operation is far different from selling goods online, but then
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has never ducked a challenge.

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