Apple about to Split from Samsung’s Chip Making

Apple about to Split from Samsung’s Chip Making

Apple has clearly been trying to reduce its reliance on its
archrival, Samsung, for key components such as ARM-based
processors. According to an article in the Korea Times, the
Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC is set to take on production of
Apple’s upcoming A7 processor.

Apple has been trying to move to a dual-foundry strategy for
at least a year, but TSMC has reportedly not yet been able to
achieve the quality and quantity targets required, so Samsung
is still making the current A6 processors — and has even
increased capacity in its US plant to cope with iPhone

Korea Times quoted a “senior Samsung official,” saying that
Apple has “made it clear” it will no longer use Samsung-made
chips. The executive said of the A6: “Apple did all the design
and we are just producing the chips on a foundry basis.”

This is not news, but the fact that Samsung employees are
discussing the issue publicly — if still anonymously — and the
reports are surfacing in the loyal Korea Times, it indicates
that Apple may be ready for a deeper split.

This report appeared in Wireless Watch.

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