Microsoft Is Out as CES Keynoter, Qualcomm Is In

Microsoft Is Out as CES Keynoter, Qualcomm Is In

In a sign of the times, a Microsoft CEO will not give the
opening keynote address at CES. The company was banned from
that when it said it would no longer be an exhibitor at CES.
Although now that it has tablets, it might wish it were still
exhibiting — its biggest tablet rival Apple does not exhibit
at CES. The Consumer Electronics Association, which runs CES,
said this week that Paul Jacobs, CEO of chipmaker Qualcomm,
will be the opening keynoter, a fitting selection because a)
much of the industry is now about mobile devices and b) it is
chips that are the enablers of the technology. Qualcomm makes
chips for mobile devices and for Wi-Fi.

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