Long Form OTT Viewing Jumps in Q2 Across Devices

Long Form OTT Viewing Jumps in Q2 Across Devices
-Lines Between Broadcast and Broadband ‘Erode’
-TV Screen Still King for Long Form Content
-OTT-available Live Content on the Rise

Multi-screen adoption showed strong growth in Q2 2012,
according to Ooyala’s latest Global Video Index. The report
found that people are spending more time watching premium and
long-form content on connected devices, such as tablets,
gaming consoles, smart TVs, laptops and mobile devices.

“The lines between broadband and broadcast continue to erode
as TV shifts to a mobile, multi-screen media landscape,” the
report said.

Long form content, defined as video content longer than 10
minutes, accounted for over 60% of the total time users spent
watching video on tablets in Q2 a 47% jump in just that

The report said viewers were “the most engaged in Q2, watching
more content for longer periods of time.”

Gaming Consoles, Tablets Take Lead
As more and more premium content is becoming available online,
consumers are spending more time watching long form content on
Internet-connected devices, the report said.

Consumers are also accessing more and more long form content
across devices:

-Tablets: Total share of time spent watching long form
content on tablets grew 50% in Q2, the report said. Over 60%
of the videos viewed on tablets during the last quarter were
longer than 10 minutes, up from around 50% of videos in Q1.
“People spend more time watching long-form video on their
tablets than on any other connected screen [except the TV
screen],” the report said.

-Internet-connected TV screen: Using smart TVs, smart TV
adapters and gaming consoles, users spent 93% of their video-
viewing time watching long form content, up from 88% in Q1.
“Big screens are for big content,” the report said.

-Smartphones: The time spent watching long form content on
smartphones increased 17% since Q1 to hit 48% in Q2. Long form
content accounted for almost half of the total time spent
watching video on smart phones. “

-Laptops/PCs: Sixty-two percent of the time spent watching
content streamed to a PC was to watch long form content, the
report said, a 15% increase from Q1.

Overall, viewers spent more time watching long form OTT
content on the TV screen, whether via a gaming console or
smart TV. Viewers streaming content to the TV screen averaged
14 minutes per play. In contrast, viewers streaming media on
tablets averaged 4 minutes per play.

Live Video on the Rise
More consumers are accessing live content online, the report
said. The share of time spent watching live video on tablets
and smartphones increased a whopping 123% in Q2.

“People watching breaking news, sports, and other live content
are more engaged across all devices,” the report said.

Once again, the TV screen beat out the other screens in terms
of viewing time: Viewers spent an average of 50 minutes per
month watching live content via an Internet-connected TV
screen, while on PCs, users spent an average of 33 minutes per
month watching live events in Q2, and on smartphones, users
spent around 14 minutes per month.

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