Smart TVs Are Good for TV Viewership

Smart TVs Are Good for TV Viewership

-Connected TV Platforms Used for Discovery

-Smart TV Will Reach ‘Critical Mass’ in 2013

Internet-enabled TV owners watch more TV because of the
convenience of the device, according to “Connected
Environments: The Next Iteration of TV Advertising,” released
by Parks Associates on behalf of Rovi.

“Connected TV device use is positively influencing traditional
TV viewership,” the report said. Connected TV refers to smart
TVs or TVs connected to the Internet via devices.

“Overwhelming majorities value the convenience and flexibility
enabled by connected TVs,” the report said. “They [consumers
with connected TVs] are employing connected TV features such
as discovery and scheduling to enhance their ‘traditional’ TV

Using surveys conducted by Rovi to develop country profiles of
Internet-enabled TV owners, the paper said that consumers
often utilize connected platforms to find something to watch:

-In the US, 49% of Internet-connected TV owners said they
turned to the connected TV platform when they didn’t know what
they wanted to watch, or when they didn’t know where to find
what they wanted to watch.

-In Canada, 31% of smart TV owners said they use the platform
when deciding what to watch.

-In the UK, 55% of smart TV owners access content using the
connected TV platform on a regular basis.

-In Germany, 38% of smart TV owners said they use the
platform to find something to watch.

Smart TV Owners Are Technophiles

Country profiles of Internet-connected TV households indicate
that smart TV owners are technophiles, meaning they are
typically early adopters, keep up with technology
developments, and have a number of Internet-enabled devices.

In the US, the smart TV household averages 11 connected
devices. The UK smart TV owner is seven times more likely to
own a tablet than the average UK consumer, while the German
smart TV owner is 2.5 times more likely to own a tablet.

Smart TV Critical Mass in 2013
Smart TV households will reach critical mass in North America
and Western Europe in 2013, and by 2016, 62% of all TV
households will have smart TVs, the report said.

Smart TVs will grow 39% in North America and 40% in Western
Europe in 2013. In Latin America, smart TVs will grow 199%,
the report said.

“Connected TV platforms and services positively impact
traditional TV viewing behaviors and social interactions by
increasing viewing time and content engagement,” the report

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