Microsoft Not Boasting about Windows 8 Sales

Unlike Apple and Amazon, Microsoft is not boasting about sales
of Windows 8 software, tablets or PCs by providing sales
numbers for them, so issues about the outlook for Windows 8
are popping up:

Anti-virus company Avast’s survey of Windows-based PC users
that it conducted the day before Windows 8 was launched said:
– Only 9% said they were going to accelerate a purchase of a
new computer because of Windows 8.
– 16% of those surveyed said they planned to buy a new
computer but of those, 42% said they plan to buy an Apple Mac
or an iPad.
– 30% of the total buyers said they plan to buy an iPad — but
that was, of course, before the Surface started shipping — and
12% planned to buy a Mac.

The survey covered 135,000 users of Windows 7, Windows Vista
and Windows XP.

Newegg: No Windows 8 Explosion out of the Gate
According to, Merle McIntosh, the SVP of product
management of Newegg North America said the Windows 8 launch,
so far, is not the anticipated “explosion” out-of-the-gate,
but is slow and steadily improving. He said that the Windows 8
launch had been nothing like Windows 7, which sold more than
100 million copies in six months, making it Microsoft’s
fastest-selling operating system.

Of course, Windows 7 was in huge demand because of problems
with the Vista version, which caused many companies not to
upgrade to Vista from Windows XP.

The company said the majority of the company’s Windows 8
device sales are coming from notebooks and desktop PCs.
McIntosh said sales of Windows 8 will probably not take off
until about the second quarter of 2013. He did not provide any
numbers, except to say that NewEgg had sold about half of the
Windows 8 inventory it had acquired.

Privately held NewEgg has an estimated $2.5 billion in annual
sales of PC and CE gear.

Two Analysts Turn Thumbs Down
Cnet reported that two analysts have turned thumbs down on
Windows 8. See:

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore cut the outlook for PC
sales this quarter because of “a lackluster initial uptake of
Windows 8. He cited as the basis for his prediction:
– Windows 8 reviews are mixed due to a confusing user
– Lack of interest in Window 8 by the corporates.
– Complicated positioning of Windows 8 tablets because there
are two versions — the Intel-based Pro models and the ARM-
based RT models.
– Continued erosion of PC sales by tablets.

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White said orders for
Windows 8 are much lower than PC makers originally expected a
few months ago.

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