Time Warner CEO: Cord-Nevers Are Emerging

Time Warner CEO: Cord-Nevers Are Emerging

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said he’s seeing an emergence of
young adults who never acquire a pay TV subscription, or
“cord-nevers” as he called them, according to Paid Content.
Bewkes said cord-nevers are not constrained financially to
purchase pay TV, but rather are defining new patterns in video
consumption. Bewkes noted that these consumers are not
accessing the “best content,” but instead the most convenient.
Bewkes also said the traditional pay TV model is being
strained by the rising cost of sports coverage.

Made for the Web
OTT Services Move to Original Content
As Have Studios and TV Networks

No one can yet see clearly the day when more entertainment
will be delivered to the home over the Net than over the pay
TV services’ closed networks, but it’s clear now that it could
“The Internet is the greatest vehicle for the distribution of
entertainment ever invented,” Yair Landau, former vice-
chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and president of Sony
Pictures Digital, said a few years back.

He was right. The Internet offers everything a content owner
could want:
– A global audience of hundreds of millions of homes
– The ability to deliver any and every show at any time of the
– To every viewing device, stationary-like TVs or mobile-like
smartphones and tablets

A new report called “Made for the Web” details what the OTT
services, studios and networks have done and are doing with
original content on the Internet platform.

Not one of the OTT services would give us an interview when we
called and emailed them about their strategy for original
content. So, we don’t have the smoking gun in terms of their
commitment to original content – but the very clear evidence
that they have embarked on that path is contained in detail in
this report.

For an extract and prices, email Brittany@onlinereporter.com

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