Apple Has Big Lead on Microsoft in

Apple Has Big Lead on Microsoft in
Corporate Market for Smartphones
– Will Tens of Thousands of iPads Follow?
– Has Microsoft Lost the Corporate Market for Smartphones &

Another indicator of how far ahead Microsoft has allowed Apple
and Android to get ahead of it in the corporate market is
shown by the latest numbers from IDC, which predict that for
2012 the combined number of iPhones and Android smartphones
will surpass the BlackBerry in the corporate marketplace.

Corporate employees will buy for business use 87.7 million
Android smartphones and 37.1 million iPhones. Corporate direct
purchases will be 15.1 million for Android and 31.1 million
for the iPhone.

In 2011, BlackBerry led in corporate purchases of smartphone
with 22.4 million.

The IDC report said that BlackBerry remains “the gold standard
for security” but that reduced interest by consumers and
developers “hinders its viability going forward.”

IDC predicts the iPhone will become the top corporate
purchased smartphone in 2016 with 68.9 million shipments.

It said businesses are buying iPhones “in droves” and that its
iOS platform and tight security are a “win-win” for the

It acknowledged that Android has lots of apps developers but
said the “fragmented” operating system has “more gaps in
security than many organizations are comfortable with.”

There’s another takeaway. The corporates approval and
purchases of the iPhone’s iOS means that millions of iPads
will soon find their way into the corporates.

Government agencies are following suit. The National
Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has switched from
BlackBerry to the iPhone. So has the US Immigration and
Customs Enforcement agency, which is buying 17,600 iPhones.
The NOAA and the GSA will do the same.

Can iPads be far behind?

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