Digiboo Opens Digital Movie Kiosks in Malls, Universities and

Digiboo Opens Digital Movie Kiosks in Malls, Universities and
more Airports & Train Stations
– Copies Movies to Portable Devices or USB Sticks
– No DVDs but a Direct Challenger to Redbox
– No Downloads but a Direct Challenger to iTunes & Vudu

Digiboo isn’t an OTT service where you can rent movies like
iTunes and Vudu for streaming and it isn’t a kiosk with DVD
rentals like Redbox. It occupies the space between them.

Digiboo focuses on delivering entertainment to a very specific
group of people – those who are in transit. The company began
with kiosks in three major airports in the US: Minneapolis-St.
Paul International, Portland International and Seattle-Tacoma
International. Travelers there with layovers or long flights
were able to download movies to watch.

“The advent of all the fantastic technology for information
and entertainment, we see that movie lovers have quickly
adopted technologies to watch movies where ever there are,”
said Blake Thomas, chief marketing officer at Digiboo.

Thomas told The Online Reporter the company chose to focus on
airports as an initial market also in part because the sheer
volume of foot traffic. “There are millions and millions of
people going through airports and other transit locations
every day,” he said.

“They have what I’ve started calling the right in-need state,”
Thomas said. “They are between here and there, they have time
to spend, and they can use a diversion.”

Not to mention the fact that travelers are typically glued to
a connected device of some kind – whether smartphone, tablet
or laptop. “We know that a lot of them are already accessing
media on their portable devices,” he said. “Many of them have
the right playback device on them, and many of them are early
technology adopters, they’re self-selected and heavy Internet

Digiboo offers consumers digital rentals and purchases of a
selection titles. A customer can make a selection on the
kiosk, pay using a credit card, and can either download the
movie to a USB stick or download the movie directly onto the
device using Digiboo’s Wi-Fi signal. Digiboo supplies its own
network, so customers don’t have to worry about data caps.

Digiboo’s wireless feature is compatible with Windows-based
PCs and Android devices and the Kindle Fire. No Apple products
yet, but Thomas said the company will be making an
announcement soon on that front.

Digiboo has a rotating library of around 800 popular titles,
including new releases and some older films. It also offers
episodes from 11 TV shows, including “Nurse Jackie,” “Mad
Men,” “Boss” and the huge hit “The Big Bang Theory.” The TV
shows are priced at $1.99 each and the movies range from $2.99
to $3.99. Customers have 30 days to play the movie, and 48
hours to finish it once it’s been started. Purchased movies
can be played on up to five devices, while rented movies are
available for playback on one device.

Partnership Deals Expand Kiosk Footprint
Digiboo kiosks are currently located in 8 locations throughout
the West Coast and Midwest, including three major airports,
three large malls and two cafes.

Last month, Digiboo announced two partnerships that will
expand the digital rental kiosks footprint across the country.
Guest services vendor Smarte Carte will be installing Digiboo
kiosks in airport terminals and other transit locations.
Smarte Carte is present in 130 locations throughout the

A partnership with Pacific Telemanagement Services (PTS),
announced late last month. PTS is the largest public telephone
company in the US, and has over 40,000 public pay phones
across the countries. The partnership will expand Digiboo
kiosk locations to train stations, universities and other
high-traffic areas.

Thomas said universities are a good market for Digiboo to move
into as a target second market, where consumers prefer a
mobile movie-viewing experience. “Universities students are on
the move, they have their laptop and tablet with them,” Thomas
said. “Many of them are disconnected from TV, and use their
devices for all of their entertainment purposes.”

No More Competition in the Kiosk Space for Redbox
Kiosk movie rentals have so far survived well beyond the brick
and mortar DVD rental shops. Redbox kiosks, which can by found
at nearly ever grocery store, gas station and pharmacy in the
country, have become very popular, despite the falling value
of DVDs.

Digiboo has a few legs up on Redbox. Digiboo doesn’t use DVDs
– only digital copies of the movies – meaning customers don’t
have anything to return, and no late fees.

“We have a lot of benefits relative to Redbox,” Thomas said.
“We have new releases in stock, we never run out, and you
never have to come back. The selection and convenience are a
big plus.”

The flipside is that the customer has to have either a device
or a USB with them when they make a purchase or rental. That’s
expected in transit situations, but not in shopping or
pharmacy visits.

“Of course in a future we envision, we can imagine a person
renting or buying a movie on their way out of the grocery
store, but we’re just not at that stage yet,” Thomas said.
“Right now we’re focused on customers who have fully
integrated digital entertainment into their lifestyle.”

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