Global Online Video Market Worth $37b by 2017

Global Online Video Market Worth $37b by 2017

The global online video market will be worth a whopping $37
billion by 2017, according to “OTT Video Revenue Forecasts” by
Informa Telecoms & Media. Informa said the worth will be
driven by three revenue streams: advertising, subscription
video services and video purchases.

“It’s clear that online video, today, is worth much more than
the digital cents and dimes of yore, and is attracting real,
and growing, revenues,” said Giles Cottle, principal analyst
and author of the report. Online video is expected to make up
10% of total TV and video revenues by the end of the decade.
“But this value is concentrated around a select few players,”
Cottle said.

Netflix, Apple, Google and Hulu and the other global
broadcasters account for 70% of online video revenue. “If you
aren’t one of these players, then the chances are you aren’t
making a great deal of money from online delivery today,” he

Pay TV companies have the potential to be a big player in the
market, once they begin to offer low priced and stand alone
OTT services, the report said. “Even very modest take-up of
these services will completely distort the online video
market,” Cottle said.

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