How Telcos Are Getting Their Broadband Mojo Back

How Telcos Are Getting Their Broadband Mojo Back
– The Miracles Occurring in Twisted Pair Copper Wire
– Telcos to Have More Affordable Choices than All-Fiber

Broadband may have already become the most profitable service
that telcos and pay TV companies offer. As a result, there is
a gigantic fight being waged for broadband supremacy.

New copper wire technologies are being developed that will
allow the world’s telcos to offer DOCSIS- and fiber-like
speeds over their existing copper wire connections to the
residence, saving them billions in fiber deployment costs.

A few years ago it looked as if the telcos would have to build
all fiber networks to the home to get past the 25-40 Mbps
speed barrier. Now, they have multiple choices in using their
existing fiber/copper network to offer faster speeds.

The telcos’ challenge is from their broadband archrivals, the
cablecos, who already offer speeds up to 100+ Mbps over their
existing networks by changing the network gear in the
distribution office and installing a new modem in the
subscriber’s home. Cablecos and their suppliers are confident
that in time they can offer speeds up to 1 Gbps over the same
network that they originally built for pay TV.

This report is an overview of the various copper wire
broadband technologies being developed by telcos, makers of
chips and telecoms equipment plus software developers. As a
result of these new technologies, many telcos are questioning
whether they need to deploy all fiber networks at the present

It is a compilation of reports from recent issues of The
Online Reporter. Most are based on interviews with management
at the companies that are involved in the development of the
new technologies: VDSL2 Vectoring, DSM, FTTdp and DSL Rings.
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