Intel, Dell May Invest in Financially Troubled Sharp

Intel, Dell May Invest in Financially Troubled Sharp

Intel and Dell are in talks to invest in financially troubled
Sharp, according to the Wall Street Journal. Sharp makes next-
generation IGZO displays that Apple reportedly wants for its
iOS devices and maybe even an actual TV set. Apple and Intel
have a history of good relations. Intel makes the processors
that Apple uses in its Macs. However, Dell is (or wants to be)
a competitor to Apple in smartphones and tablets so that
relationship is not so good — but not so bad as the one that’s
coming unraveled between Apple and Samsung, which makes
processors for Apple’s iOS devices. Anyways, why doesn’t Apple
invest in Sharp or Apple and Intel together or perhaps Apple’s
main iOS device maker Foxconn, which at one point was
considering putting some money into Sharp.

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