Publisher Future Touts $1m Monthly on Digital Sales for

Magazine publisher Future said it rakes in about $1 million
per month in digital sales of its magazine. Future said it is
now selling around 240,000 digital magazines for tablets per
month, including T3, which sold 30,000 in the UK, and MacLife,
which has sold 65,000 in the US. In total, Future has 100
titles of tablet magazines. Future launched 60 digital
magazine titles on Apple’s Newsstand app in 2011. It will be
launching its own app, FutureFolio, in the near future, which
will produce “highly interactive and video-rich tablet
products,” said CEO Mark Wood. “This technology is opening new
markets for Future,” he said. Future’s Web sites are also
generating traffic, with 50 million global unique visitors per

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