Sharp Launches World’s Thinnest 4K Monitor

Sharp Launches World’s Thinnest 4K Monitor
Some say that once you’ve seen a Ultra HD screen, you’ll never
go back to “mere” HD. Sales of Ultra HD (4K) TV sets won’t
reach 15% of the US TV market until 2017, according to Future
Consulting but already competitors are making product

Sharp launched what it says is, at 3.5mm thick, the worlds
thinnest 4K monitor (It’s not a full-blown TV set) — a 32-inch
monitor that’ll sell for “only” $5,500. Its target market
includes graphic designers, architects, computer designers,
architects, medical users and other professionals that need
the resolution. It uses Sharp’s new IGZO technology and can
display up to 3,840 by 2,160 pixels, about the same number of
pixels as are in four 1080p HD screens. It has two HDMI
connectors that can be used to connect a PC or other video
playing gear.

IGZO display technology uses less power than LCD screens and
so can prolong battery life in smartphones and tablets.

Apple is rumored to be interested in using IGZO screens in its
devices, perhaps even a TV set, a real Apple TV, not just an

Sony has said it will announce a 4K Ultra HD TV set and offer
Ultra HD content. That’s one of the benefits of owning its own
Hollywood studios.

LG has introduced a $22,000 Ultra HD set.

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