Shoppers Exert ‘iPad Effect’ on Black Friday Sales

Shoppers Exert ‘iPad Effect’ on Black Friday Sales

A full 10% of online sales that took place in the States
during Black Friday came from an iPad, according to IBM’s
Black Friday 2012 report on online retail performance.

The report found that mobile traffic to retail sites on Black
Friday grew 67% since last year. Among online shoppers, 24%
used a mobile device to visit retail sites, a 10% increase
from last year. Mobile sales also increased 10%, to reach over
16%, according to IBM.

The iPad Effect
Apple iPads generated more traffic than any other smart phone
or tablet in mobile shopping, IBM said.

The iPad accounted for 10% of all online shopping. The iPhone
came in second, with 8.7% of Internet shopping, followed by
Android devices’ 5.5%.

Among tablets, the iPad accounted for 88.3% of total traffic,
according to IBM. Barnes & Noble’s Nook accounted for 3.1%, a
few points ahead of the Amazon Kindle, which generated 2.4% of
tablet traffic, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy tablet which
accounted for 1.8% of tablet traffic during Black Friday.

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