Aereo TV Capitalizes on Declining Costs in Technology

Aereo TV Capitalizes on Declining Costs in Technology

Aereo TV CEO Chet Kanojia said his company’s mobile TV
service, which streams broadcast TV to connected devices, is
made possible by technological advances and consequent
declining costs. Speaking at VideoSchmooze in New York Ctiy,
Kanojia pointed to falling data and transcoding costs that
allows the company to buy tens of petabytes of storage for $95
a terabyte. “The cost structure based on the cloud is a
fraction of what it was,” Kanojia said, according to Gigaom.
Kanojia said he expects those prices to continue to fall.

Aereo, which is currently available only in New York City, has
built what it calls an “antenna farm” in Brooklyn that hosts
thousands of dime-sized antennas. Subscribers can rent one of
those antennas for as low as $1 per day. “There’s no
installers, no boxes, no lost equipment,” Kanojia said. He
said that TV should “be like Twitter,” available everywhere
and on every device.

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