HBO’s Zitter: Mobility &Portability Impact TV Biz

HBO’s Zitter: Mobility &Portability Impact TV Biz
-Says Linear TV Won’t Go Away

HBO’s EVP and CTO Bob Zitter told IP & TV News that linear TV
viewing is declining due to an increase in on-demand and
mobile services available.

The rise of DVRs, VoD offerings and OTT services indicate that
consumers enjoy having more control of their programming

“Mobility and portability of video program distribution will,
in my opinion, have a profound impact on the television
business,” he said “In the end, consumers want to control what
they watch, when they watch it and on what device they use.
Success in the television programming business will recognize
and serve this need, without regard to the distribution

“Linear television viewing is declining,” Zitter said, but
added that linear TV won’t ever go completely away. Live
sports and live news continue to be big draws for consumers to
the TV set. Network linear TV seems to be losing ground fast.
Ratings this fall for network TV have been disappointing, and
networks have blamed DVRs for the poor showing, though the New
York Times has pointed out recently that even with seven-day
delayed viewing factored in, ratings are still down this fall.

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