Nielsen: Multi-screen Use Growing Among All Ages

Nielsen: Multi-screen Use Growing Among All Ages
-Smartphones Used For Social Networking
-Tablets Used for Emails and Surfing

Multi-screen use is growing among all age demographics,
according to Nielsen’s Q2 2012 “Cross Platform Report.” Tablet
and smartphone use as second screen devices while watching TV
and during commercial breaks us up across all age groups.
“These devices are omnipresent and not just among the young,”
the report said.

Nearly 40% of American use a second screen, whether smartphone
or tablet, while watching TV once a day, according to the
report. Sixty-two percent of Americans use a second screen
device while watching TV a few times a week, and 84% of
consumers do so at least once a month, the report said.

Smartphone Users Check Email and Facebook While Watching TV

Consumers who use smartphones as second screen devices tend to
be younger and less affluent. “Smartphones enable the most
flexibility to connect compared to all other devices,” the
report said.

Nearly half of respondents aged 18-24 use a smartphone daily
while watching TV, according to the report. Around half of
respondents said they check their email on their smartphones
while watching TV.

Consumers use social media on smartphones both during TV
programming and commercials. Half of respondents aged 25-34
access social media on a smartphone while watching TV or
commercials, and 44% of respondents aged 18-24 do the same.

Tablet Users Seek Info and Surf Web While Watching TV
Tablets are driving new forms of consumer behavior, despite
the fact that tablets have only been around for two years.
“Tablets remain a relatively new device in the hands of
consumers, yet the adoption rate is incredibly brisk,” the
report said.

Tablet owners tend to be older and more affluent. Forty-one
percent of tablet owners said they use a tablet while watching
TV at least once a day. Respondents aged 25-34 and 55-64 are
the most likely to use their tablets multiple times per day.

Tablet users tend to use the device to find more information
about a product or TV show. Thirty-six percent of respondents
aged 35-54, and 44% of respondents aged 55-64 reported using a
tablet watching TV to learn more about a show.

Tablet users also reported using their tablets to browse the
Internet and check email, mostly during commercial breaks.
Close to a third of tablet owners said they check sports
scores online using a tablet, while watching TV.

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