Pay TV Subs Want Personalized Video Discovery

Pay TV Subs Want Personalized Video Discovery

Digitalsmiths makes the case for its video discovery platform
in its latest “Q4 2012 Video Discovery Trends Report.” It said
pay TV subscribers are “begging for a better experience” from
their pay TV provider.

In the survey of 2,000, around 18% indicated they were
unsatisfied with their service provider. The number one
complaint was price increase, with 73.8% indicated this is why
they were unsatisfied. Around 38% indicated they were
dissatisfied with their channel selection. A 60% of
respondents said they weren’t planning to switch pay TV
providers, 27.6% answered maybe, and 11.7% said they were
planning to switch pay TV operator.

Digitalsmiths is keen to point out that of those who are
planning to switch providers, 55.7% said they would consider
staying if their provider “released new functionality that
made it easier for you to find something to watch?” – which is
exactly what Digitalsmiths does.

According to the survey, 57% of respondents reported getting
frustrated “sometimes” when they are looking for something to
watch, and 10% said they always get frustrated when looking
for something to watch on TV.

When asked about a channel guide, 63% of respondents said they
would like recommendations to match their personal interests.
Around 62% of respondents indicated they would like to find
something to watch based on their “mood.”

“A personalized video discovery platform makes it easier for
consumers to find relevant content,” the report said. “By
filtering all available live TV and on-demand options by
consumers’ preferences, relevant, revenue-generating content
once buried in the linear guide and VoD catalog surfaces.”

OTT Services Serve as Supplements
Around half of respondents said they use a service such as
Netflix, Walmart’s Vudu, iTunes or Amazon. Of those, over half
said they watched or purchased one to three movies per month,
according to the report.

“Most consumers don’t look to OTT solutions as a replacement
for cable, but as a supplement,” the report said, “which cuts
into pay TV providers’ bottom lines, especially in the form of
lost VoD revenue.”

Consumers Don’t Watch Much DVR’d Content
Digitalsmiths said most consumers aren’t watching much content
on their DVR. According to the survey, over half of
respondents spent less than 10% of their TV viewing time
watching time-shifted content on a DVR.

Around 60% of respondents said they spend less than 20% of
their time watching DVR content, only 12% said they watch DVR
content 20%-40% of their TV viewing time. On the other end of
the spectrum, under 20% of respondents said they spend more
than 60% of their time watching DVR content.

Digitalsmiths concludes that “Most consumers channel surf or
scroll through the guide in order to find something to watch
when they turn on the TV,” instead of watching something they
have already recorded.

Second Screen EPG Apps Not Popular
The survey found that only small numbers of respondents
reported using second screen EPG apps, which the report
mysteriously refers to as “OTT solutions.” In response to the
question: “Do you have any of the following TV or 2nd screen
apps downloaded on your iPad/tablet?”

Around 5% reported using Fanhattan, 4% use Zeebox, 3% use
Yahoo!’s IntoNow, 2.6% reported using GetGlue, and BuddyTV and
Miso both received 2.2%. Around 16% said they use HBO Go on
their tablet, a bizarre inclusion.

“It’s important to keep a close eye on the services being
offered, and understand why and how consumers use those
services,” the report said.

The majority of respondents (65%) indicated they don’t have
any of the apps listed on their tablets. It’s unclear why the
question limits second screen app use to tablets, as many of
those apps are available – and used – on smartphones.

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