Time-Shifting DVRs & VoD Services Winning Among Consumers

Time-Shifting DVRs & VoD Services Winning Among Consumers
Every week we find more evidence that consumers want access to
content whenever and wherever. DVRs and VoD services have
become must-haves for any consumer who likes to watch TV or

According Leichtman Research Group (LRG), latest “On-Demand TV
2012: A Nationwide Study on VOD and DVRs,” 58% of cable
subscribers are using VoD services now, up from 36% five years
ago and 10% eight years ago. The number of DVRs has also
increased dramatically over the last decade: 43% of DVR owners
now have more than one DVR, presumably for the TV sets in the
house. Five years ago, only 6% of DVR owners had more than
one. In LRG’s research, over two-thirds of pay TV subscribers
who utilize VoD indicated the DVR and VoD combo is what makes
their pay TV service the best.

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