Younger Demos Embrace Second Screen

Younger Demos Embrace Second Screen

In case you needed more convincing about multi-screen use and
the rising generations, a Harris Interactive poll released
indicates that second screen use is higher among generations X
and Y. The poll, which was commissioned by The Search Agency,
found 84% of Gen X tablet owners, aged 35-44, and 71% of Gen Y
tablet owners, between the ages of 18 and 34, use a tablet to
receive more information about a product seen on TV. That
adoption is much higher than the amount of older tablet
owners: fifty-four percent of tablet owners aged 45-60 and 56%
of tablet owners aged 55 or older said they turn the tablet to
find more info on a product.

The study also found that single or never married viewers are
more likely to reach for a second screen device than married

There is also a difference in device ownership between single
and married consumers. More single consumers own smartphones
than their married cohorts, while more married consumers own
tablets. Forty-nine percent of single or never married
consumers said they owned a smartphone, compared to 43% of
married consumers, while 45% of married consumers said they
own a tablet, compared to 36% of single or never married

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