YouSee to Challenge Netflix in Denmark

YouSee to Challenge Netflix in Denmark

Danish cable operator YouSee said it’s planning to launch its
own OTT service immediately. Netflix launched in Denmark
earlier this year, and initially offered its services for
free. YouSee SVP Mathias Berg said the company is in a good
position to compete because it already has a relationship with
1.2 million customers, around half of the country, and will be
offering local content. Berg was speaking on a panel at
Digital TV Summit in London.

Amazon Aims for the Kiddie Set
Amazon knows that content for children will attract
subscribers to its Amazon Prime subscription service.

Amazon’s announced its new Free Time Unlimited service, a new
subscription service of all-you-can-watch movies, TV, games
and books content for kids aged three to eight years old on
Kindle Fire this week. Monthly rates are $2.99 to $9.99 per
kid or family per month, depending on whether the home is an
Amazon Prime member.

It’s immediately available on the 7-inch display Kindle Fire
and Kindle Fire HD models and will be next week on the 8.9-
inch Kindle Fire HD

Monthly prices:
Prime Members
$2.99 per child
$6.99 per family

Non-Prime Members
$4.99 per child
$9.99 per family

Content comes from Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS, Sesame Workshop
and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

The FreeTime Unlimited service is based on the FreeTime
parental control feature that Kindles have. Parents can set up
user interfaces for them that limit what they can watch. They
can also establish viewing profiles for each child. Content
that shows up as being available to a child is selected based
on the child’s age and gender.

Peter Larsen, Amazon Kindle Fire VP said, “You can choose to
download content as you see fit. If you know you are going on
a trip in the car and you want a couple TV shows, a few games
and maybe a map app and a book, you can just download that
within FreeTime and hand it over to your kid and away they

The combination of a $159 Kindle, FreeTime and FreeTime
Unlimited is going to be attractive to lots of families,
Larsen said.

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