27% of VDSL2 Ports Will Have Vectoring by 2017

27% of VDSL2 Ports Will Have Vectoring by 2017

A new report from Broadbandtrends predicts that 27% of all
cumulative VDSL2 ports will be vectored by 2017 with North
America have the highest penetration rate at 42% of total VDSL
ports. It said the biggest opportunity for Vectoring equipment
makers would be in EMEA.

Nearly all DSLAM vendors currently support or plan to support
VDSL2 Vectoring in their product line and that Alcatel-Lucent
“remains far ahead of the competition, with not only an
extensive portfolio of VDSL2 Vectoring solutions, but numerous
live deployments and field trials in every region of the
world.” Huawei is second followed in order by ADTRAN, Calix,
ZTE, ECI, Zhone and ZyXEL. It said five of them are currently
active in VDSL2 Vectoring field trials.

Broadbandtrends said many telcos “are looking for interim
solutions that enable them to compete more effectively with
alternative technologies (for instance DOCSIS 3.0 and LTE) and
to meet the targets of many regulatory policies, such as the
Digital Agenda for Europe. VDSL2 Vectoring alone, or in
combination with VDSL2 bonding, provides operators with the
opportunity to offer FTTH-like speeds over copper lines. This
provides operators with a solution that can address the
immediate time-to-market, competitive and regulatory
challenges; while operators prepare their networks for the
eventual migration to FTTH.”

Broadbrandtrends’ CEO Teresa Mastrangelo said, “AT&T has said
it is planning to deploy VDSL2 Vectoring across its U-Verse
footprint, most likely starting next year. It is unclear what
percentage of its U-verse base will get Vectoring, but we are
expecting it to be significant (>50%). At this time, Verizon
has made no comments or provided no indication that it plans
to invest in any technology upgrades for its copper wire
networks. In addition to AT&T, there is expected to be a lot
of activity with VDSL2 Vectoring with the Independent
Operating Companies (IOC) who provide phone, broadband and pay
TV in areas where AT&T and Verizon don’t.”

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