Big Media Companies Will Spend Big Money in Online Video

Big Media Companies Will Spend Big Money in Online Video
-2013 Predictions Rosy for Online Video

It’s beginning to look like 2013 will be an even bigger year
for online video than 2012 has been. CNBC predicts the big
media companies will get in on the soon to be expansive world
of original Web content, citing Time Warner’s recent interest
in Web studio Maker and Machinima expanding its IPO. “We’ll
see these next generation studios draw more advertising
dollars and more eyeballs,” CNBC said.

Research firm Frost & Sullivan predicts online video will take
significant market share from broadcast video in 2013,
Advertising Age reports. Frost & Sullivan pointed to the
increase in connected devices, which has transformed the couch
potato to a multi-tasking couch potato. Frost & Sullivan
predicted advertisers will be attracted to the targeted,
personalized advertising platform found online, in the next
year. The company said online video advertising is
increasingly becoming a crucial part of the adertising mix
among large brands and advertising companies.

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