Multi-screen Services Reach 90% of Pay TV subs in US

Multi-screen Services Reach 90% of Pay TV subs in US
-Growing in Europe and Asia, Too

A whopping 90% of pay TV subscribers have access to multi-
screen services, such as TV Everywhere access to content on
connected devices and PCs, according to a Parks Associates
report entitled “TV Everywhere: Growth, Solutions, and
Strategies – Europe and Asia/Pacific.”

In Western Europe, multi-screen services are available to over
60% of pay TV subscribers. Around 20% of pay TV subscribers in
Eastern Europe and 9% in Asia have access to multi-screen
solutions. “Multi-screen services have seen amazing growth
over the past year in Europe and Asia,” said Brett Sappington,
director of research Parks Associates.

Pay TV providers are now offering OTT services to consumers
without a pay TV subscription, the report said. Telecom
Italia, FastWeb, Mediaset, RomTelecom and others are now
offering subscription-based OTT services to consumers who have
a broadband connection. “Tomorrow’s winners in TV Everywhere
will be the companies that discover the right mix of business
model, content availability, and quality experience,”
Sappington said.

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