Ofcom: UK A Nation of Tech TV Lovers

Ofcom: UK A Nation of Tech TV Lovers

Ofcom’s latest international “Communications Market Report”
found the UK to have some of the highest adoption rates of TV
technology. Here are some of the findings:

-In the UK, 99% of households had access to digital TV at the
end of 2011. That number was much lower for IPTV in the UK,
“due in part to the challenges of gaining a foothold in the
face of a range of well-established competing digital
platforms,” the report said.

-The UK has one of the highest proportions of TV homes with
HD, at 41%, beat only by the US, with 49%. Japan came in
third, with 31% of TV homes with HD, followed by Germany with
28% and France with 18%.

-Both the UK and France have the highest penetration of
connected TVs. Both recorded 15% of TV homes have Internet-
enabled TVs.

-38% of UK homes have DVRs, the highest of the countries
surveyed. In the US, 32% of TV homes had a DVR, and in
Australia, 29% had one.

-23% of UK consumers access TV content over the Internet. “UK
consumers are more likely to access TV content over the
Internet than those in other countries in our research,” the
report said. That behavior is driven by the popularity of
catch-up TV services such as the BBC iPlayer and the ITV

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