Redbox Instant by Verizon Emerges

Redbox Instant by Verizon Emerges

Redbox Instant by Verizon emerged this week in a by-invitation
only beta that’s priced at $8 a month. That includes unlimited
streaming and four one-night DVD rentals. Blu-ray rentals is
another $1 per month. Its focus, it said, will be on new
movies, unlike rival Netflix, which increasingly older movies,
older TV shows and a smattering of original content. The full
launch is expe3cted in four to five months.

Customers of Redbox Instant by Verizon can also rent and buy
new releases.

To get streaming and one DVD at a time from Netflix costs
another $8 a month. You can’t pick and choose on a whim as you
can with Redbox Instant but DVDs ordered from Netflix
typically arrive the next business day because it has depots
spread out across the US.

Redbox Instant will be available on the Web and a wide range
of devices iOS and Android devices. The company did not
mention apps for smart TVs or gaming consoles.

Joe Ambeault, chief product officer of the joint venture, said
the service is not trying to offer every type of content.
Instead it’s focused on new releases and major movie classics
— no TV episodes.

Content includes new releases from EPIX such as “The Hunger
Games” from the likes of Lions Gate Entertainment, MGM,
Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.

For $8 a month, subscribers get streams, rental streams,
purchased downloads and rental DVDs.

We say it’s a good start, especially if it offers new movies
as soon as they get to the DVD window. Coupled with four
nights of new DVDs that are readily available on an impulse
from Redbox kiosks, it’s has found a niche that no other OTT
service fills.

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