Yahoo!’s Online Video Strategy Gains Content Deals

Yahoo!’s Online Video Strategy Gains Content Deals
-Adds NBC Sports Cross Promotion
-Will Live Stream Rolling Stones Historic 50th Anniversary

Yahoo! is flexing its media behemoth muscles. Yahoo!’s
recently announced deals with NBCUniversal’s NBC Sports
division and the Rolling Stones live stream event underscore a
strategy that involves big media brand content distribution
and large global audiences.

NBC Sports broadcasts NHL, PGA Tour, Triple Crown, French
Open, NFL, MLS and the Olympics, while Yahoo! Sports covers
college sports and fantasy leagues. The two will cross-promote
their sports coverage: under the deal, Yahoo! Sports coverage
and news will be integrated into NBC Sports group, while links
to live streaming sports will be integrated into Yahoo! Sports
sites. Unlike NBC’s recently dissolved partnership with
Microsoft, the two companies won’t invest in a joint venture,
and will keep their respective sports sites independent of one
another. Yahoo already has content deal with ABC News that
includes content.

Yahoo! is in a great position to partner with these types of
media companies. Its suite of Web sites rank third among the
most-visited sites in the US, and see 160 million visitors per
month, according to ComScore. Earlier this year, Yahoo! struck
a deal with CNBC to share financial news content. Yahoo!
Finance and CNBC plan to jointly produce news videos for
online audiences.

Yahoo! Cashes In on Global Appeal of Rolling Stones
Yahoo! is also exploring live streaming special events. It and
WWE have jumped on The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert
digital concert streaming event, the first of its kind and
another affirmation of online video and multi-screen access.
The event will be offered as an on-demand option for pay TV
subscribers and as an online pay-per-view video. WWE is
handling distribution for the online concert, with Endemol and
Dainty Group, and is expected to have a wide and global
audience. Consumers can pay $40 for a virtual ticket of the
live-streamed concert event and will have 30 days to enjoy the
show, with unlimited plays during that time period. For those
watching online on their smartphones, tablets and PCs, Yahoo!
is providing an interactive platform that allows viewers to
pause, rewind and resume the concert.

Though live streaming sports such as the Super Bowl and the
Olympics has proven widely popular, it’s unclear how many
Rolling Stones fans will be willing to pay $40 to watch the
concert from their connected devices. If it works, we can
expect many more global OTT pay-per-view events.

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