Sony Bets the House on 4K

– Moves to the Front in 4K TV Sets & Movies

– Only Company with All the 4K Pieces

It’s not surprising that Sony is making 4K TV sets. It’s a very pleasant surprise that it’s already making available 4K movies and other videos and, in addition, has every other 4K product and service to make 4K a winner.

Sony is touting its three new 4K Ultra HD TV sets for their 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, TRILUMINOS display, Motionflow XR 960 technology and smart TV capabilities. It has three models at seemingly very sensible prices: 55 inches for $4,999, 65-inches for $6,999 and 84-inches for $24,999. The 84-inch price includes a 4K media player that stores downloaded 4K movies and a “premium” installation.

Sony is quite serious in its 4K efforts, going beyond just selling the TV sets, by making 4K content available now.

Sony says it has been shooting in 4K resolution for 10 years so it has a library of 4K movies. The customer can get 4K films in four ways:

– A $700 Sony 4K player, which comes with ten films pre-loaded at no extra cost. Movies made available in the future can be purchased for download to the player’s HD.

– The player also, like a PlayStation, can access the Sony Entertainment Network for 4K content later this year.

– Handheld video cameras that consumers can use to shoot in 4K resolution.

– Blu-ray discs as detailed, including number of discs, at:

“The Amazing Spider-Man”

“Bad Teacher,” featuring Cameron Diaz

“The Karate Kid,” featuring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith

“The Other Guys,” featuring Will Farrell

“Battle: Los Angeles”

“That’s My Boy,” featuring Adam Sandler

“Salt,” featuring Angelina Jolie

“Total Recall 2012,” featuring Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale

“Taxi Driver”

“The Bridge on the River Kwai”

Specs for the movies say they come on one disc, which could be because Sony is using Blu-ray videos and upscaling them to 4K. A number of makers of CE gear were showing at CES Blu-ray players that upscaled to 4K with very stunning results.

The thing about 4K, also known as Ultra HD, is that when you see it, you immediately know it’s much better — so much better that you want it. It’s like seeing HD when the world was all standard definition. And, unlike 3D, no annoying special glasses are needed.

Sony also has some short-form videos that it says showcase “the immersive experience and fine detail that only 4K resolution can deliver.”

Sony includes in the price a ….

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